Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lamothe Lost; Pantaleo Put Out; Badecker Bounced


Francis Lamothe

Francis Lamothe made his move with K9 suited and got looked up by Olivier Busquet, who held pocket 7s. The board came Q 6 3 4 T and Francis reported to the rail (32nd place, $13,008). Olivier has about 1.8 million.

Giuseppe Pantaleo, who has been on a downhill slide, got his last ~400k in and got called by John D'Agostino. Giuseppe's T8 suited was in bad shape against John's pocket Tens. The board came A J 5 6 9 and Giuseppe was busted. He earned 31st place and $13,008. John chipped up to ~1.91 million.

Brandon Novena opened for 55k from the cutoff, then Andrew Badecker moved all-in from the button for ~313k. After a bit of think-time, Brandon made the call. Andrew was ahead with AJ against Brandon's A9 suited. Of course we know the flop frequently changes everything. The board came 9 7 6 8 2 and Brandon took the pot with a pair of 9s.

Andrew Badecker, who won event 6, $250 No Limit Hold'em, ($28,067) was busted in 30th place, earning $13,008. Brandon chipped up to 2.9 million, good for the chip lead.

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