Friday, September 17, 2010

Levy Breaks Torpedo

Event 16: $1,000 + $90 6-Hand Max NL

Levy "Sets" Up Torpedo

Torpekay "Torpedo" Habashzada's legend was born during Borgata's Summer Poker Open when she took down the $560 Deep Stack. Her aggressive and at times maniacal play keeps opponents on their heels, which she displays again in this short-handed event.

One player said she "controlled" the table for an hour and a half, helping build her stack to more than 100k. But as easily as she builds a stack, it can just as quickly disappear.

Steven Levy (Peabody, MA) has pocket kings on a board of K 10 3 9 and check raises. The Torpedo reraises all-in and has Levy covered as both players have roughly 70k and Levy calls.

Levy: KK
Habashzada: KQ

Levy's ahead with a set of kings, but the Torpedo has outs with a jack on her gut shot straight draw. The river is a deuce to cripple Habashzada who's out a few hands later.

"She was very tough to play against," says Levy, who doubles his stack to 140k.

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