Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lombardi Defeats Schwartz

Heads Up - Double Elimination ($2000 + $150)

In a match that lasted just over two hours, Lenny Schwartz had the advantage until the last few hands.

In a hand that would defy the odds, Matt Lombardi was all-in for 13k holding pocket Kings. Lenny held pocket Aces and it looked like the match was over. It was not, however, as the board came K J J 2 2 giving Matt Kings-full and the double-up to 26k.

Lombardi defeats Schwartz

Players began with 25k each, so Matt took a very slight chip lead. Soon after they were all-in again. Lenny was ahead with A7 off while Matt was dominated with A3 off. The board came Q 6 5 3 K and once again Matt defied the odds to come from behind and take the pot and the match with a pair of 3s.

Lenny Schwartz was eliminated, just missing the money. Matt is now guaranteed to finish no worse than 6th for at least $6,209. He will face Jack Schanbacher in the next round.

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