Thursday, September 9, 2010

"The Man Who Grinds"

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em

Casmiro Cataliott (Atlantic City, NJ) is "the Man who Grinds". He started today with 183k in chips when there were 110 players. He says he hasn't played a hand all day and they are now down to 54 players. He's still got about 10k.

The Man Who Grinds

Casmiro is a poker dealer over at the Taj and his kids put him in this tournament for his birthday, which was August 29th. He's got four kids and 5 grand-kids. Will they get a piece of his winnings? "The kids will get most of it" he says. He's guaranteed to earn at least $1,080.

While I was watching his table, Odette Claire Tremblay raised to 65k. Casmiro moved all-in for another 35k on top and of course Odette made the call. Casmiro's JT suited needed help against Odette's A8 off. The flop brought what he needed when it came J 3 3. The last two rolled off 7 Q and "the man who grinds" doubled up to about 200k on the first hand he played all day.

Odette Claire Tremblay

It looks like Ilya Teplitsky (Brooklyn, NY) has taken the chip lead with about 1.1 million. James 'the Gobbler' Nilsen (also of Brooklyn, NY) is the only other player I see over the million-mark, with about 1.05 million.

George Carter (Baltimore, MD) is up to about 990k and Brian Munshower (Apollo, PA) is up to ~840k.

Break time for this crew with 53 players still in the hunt for the top prize of over $73k.

(Just before the break James 'the Gobbler' Nilsen chipped up to 1.5 million to claim the chip lead and make my post obsolete.)

James Nilsen - chip leader

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