Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maria Ho Makes a Bad Decision on the Table Draw

Event 14: $1,500 + $150 No-Limit Hold'em

The tournament staff has added a 30th table to the tournament, so the field is approaching the 300 mark as they take their first break of the day. We've found a few more players: Allen Bari, Will "The Thrill" Failla, Dwyte Pilgrim, Mike LaTour, Andy Rosen, and Chris Lindh.

Now that the field has had two levels to mix it up and spread out from their starting stacks of 20,000, we'll begin tracking chip counts when they return. The blinds will be 75-150, so a starting stack would still be worth 133 big blinds.

A funny story from the start of the tournament. Amazing Racers and best friends Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle were in the registration line together. Everything seemed fine until they got into the tournament area, and Maria got a look at the tough lineup at her table. She was seated with Matt Brady, Todd Terry, and last year's WPT Borgata Poker Open champion Olivier Busquet. Ouch. A glance at Tiffany's table showed no recognizable players, so Tiffany seems to have the early advantage in terms of table draws.

Maria Ho's Table Draw, from left to right:
WPT Borgata champ Olivier Busquet (seat 8),
Matt Brady (seat 9), and Todd Terry (seat 1).

Speaking of the women, we did an unofficial count to see how many women were in today's field, and we found nine. With nearly 300 players in the field, that puts the percentage of women right around 3.0% -- about average for a major tournament. The women we know in this group of nine are Maria Ho, Tiffany Michelle, Joanne Monteavaro, Nancy Todd Tyner, Odette Claire Tremblay, and Joanne Dorin.

(Update: Jacquelyn Scott is now the 10th woman in this field, which means they make up about 3.33% of the field.)

Finally, Gordon Eng just stopped by to send out a quick shoutout to Grace Song and James "Smiley" Chin. We'll have updates on Gordon's chip count throughout the day (and hopefully into tomorrow).

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