Saturday, September 11, 2010

Matthew Klein Wins!

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

When heads-up play begins, Matthew Klein has the chip lead over Cuong Phung, but not by a lot. It doesn't take long for this one to come to an end, and Klein was the last player standing.

Winner Matthew Klein ($48,844)

Cuong Phung finishes as the runner-up, earning $27,136 for second place.

Runner-Up Cuong Phung ($27,136)

Matthew Klein wins Event 3 of the Borgata Poker Open ($500 + $60 No-Limit Hold'em), winning $48,844 along with a very nice trophy. Congratulations, Matthew!

1st: Matthew Klein (Tiffin, Iowa) - $48,844
2nd: Cuong Phung (Atlantic City, NJ) - $27,136

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