Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meddling in Poker

Heads Up - Double Elimination ($2000 + $150)

Phelps Feeling Good at Borgata

Gold medalist Michael Phelps was back at the Poker Open for the heads up tournament, one of his favorite Borgata events. Even though he lost both of his matches in the double elimination format, the 14 time Olympic champion isn't a fish out of water when it comes to poker.

"I played two good players," he says after losing to Trevor Savage & WSOP bracelet winner Jesse Rockowitz, "I got it in good (against Rockowitz), he just hit a queen on the turn."

Phelps' day came to an end when he's all in with AK against KQ on a king high flop, but Rockowitz hits his second pair for the win.

In January Phelps was 4 and 2 in this event, including a win over Paul Wasicka (2007 NBC Heads Up Champion) before just missing a top 6 finish cash in the Winter Open. "It's perfect, the guys up here run the poker room great," says the Baltimore native, "They're all amazing guys, it's a two and-a-half hour car ride up here so it's easy."

Phelps isn't sure how long he'll stay in Atlantic City, but hasn't ruled out playing in Thursday's $1500 tournament or the WPT $2 Million Guaranteed Championship Event which starts Saturday.

"I really need to get back to training and start doing my real profession and stay out of these guys world," he said.

As for swimming, Phelps admitted that he was unhappy with his performance this past summer. He won only two individual gold medals in the Pan Pacific Championships in August, compared to the 5 he won in the 2004 Olympic games.

Phelps will soon begin training for the 2011 World Championships in China and has less than two years before for the 2012 Olympic Games. "I know what I'm doing," he says while crafting a London game plan. "My coach and I know exactly what I'm doing and that's what we're going to prepare ourselves for."

As for which events he'll compete in, Phelps is keep those cards close to the vest.

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