Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mohajeri Doubles Through Klier


Current Chip Counts
Dwyte Pilgrim - 8.925 million
Ben Klier - 7.6 million
Ofir Mor - 5.5 million
Brandon Novena - 3.75 million
Kia Mohajeri - 3.635
Daniel Makowsky - 1.975

Kia completed the small blind and Ben checked his option.  The flop was A J 8.  Both checked.  Turn was the Queen of clubs.  Kia checked, Ben bet 250, Kia raised to 600k, Ben shoved, and Kia called all-in, showing 86 for the flush.  Ben held 53 for an inferior flush.  He was drawing dead.

 Kia Mohajeri

Kia doubled up to ~7 million.  Ben was left with ~4.1 million.

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