Friday, September 10, 2010

Money Bubble With Four Tables Left

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

When the field reached 40 players, they were down to four tables and just four spots away from the money (28th-36th places earn $1,085 each).

Keith Crowder, who finished 5th at last year's televised WPT Borgata Poker Open championship, was eliminated in 40th place.

With 39 players left, there were quite a few all-in situations, but no eliminations. There were a few chopped pots, like when two players both got it in with K-J after a king-high flop. In another hand, both players got it all in on the turn with trip nines, and the short stack was outkicked. But the river double-paired the board, and both players made identical full houses (nines full of queens) to chop the pot.

In most of the rest of the all-in hands, the short stack came out on top. Pocket queens held up in a race against A-K, and pocket jacks held up against pocket tens after a seven-high flop.

The short stacks held strong until one of them got it all in preflop with A-K, only to run into a big stack's pocket aces. That got the field down to 38 players -- two spots away from the money.

And that's where they currently stand as the blinds increase to 2,000/4,000/400 ante. Here are a few updated chip counts for players mentioned earlier in the updates:

Bastian Fischer: 405k
Javier Fernandez: 258k
Dan Retallick: 180k
Eugene Kleyman: 115k
Roland Israel: 85k

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