Friday, September 10, 2010

Monster Pots and Monster Draws

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

A big pot transpired over on table 6. Giuseppe Pantaleo (who finished 3rd in event 2 yesterday) opened for 2,200 and got two callers. The flop came K 7 5 with two diamonds. Giuseppe bet 3,400 and got called by Eugene Kleyman (Brooklyn, NY). The turn was the T, which put two clubs on board.

Giuseppe Pantaleo and Eugene Kleyman

Giuseppe fired 7,400 and Eugene raised another 13k on top. Giuseppe shoved and Eugene called all-in with his last 61k. Giuseppe held 64 (open-ended with flush draw). Eugene was actually ahead with Q2 (Queen-high with flush-draw). The river brought the 6, completing Eugene's flush. He scooped the ~140k pot and possibly took the chip lead.

Roland Israel

Over on table 4, the clock was called on Roland Israel, who was looking at a flop of 9 7 4 -- all spades. The button had bet 7k. As the clock was ticking down, Roland announced he was all-in. The count was 23,600. George Walther (cutoff) thought about it for a few seconds, then called. The button mucked. Roland showed KT for the flopped flush. George held AJ for the nut-flush draw. The last two came 9 2 and Roland took the pot, chipping up to ~70k.

Mike Leah was collecting his things and walking away as I passed his table. Mike finished 32nd in event 1 yesterday, but failed to add to his poker resume today.

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