Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mor Doubles; Siprajim Doubles Twice


On a flop of Q 9 5, Ofir Mor was all-in against Vichien Siprajim. Ofir held pocket 5s and had flopped a set. Vichien held QT for top pair with a flush draw. The last two came 6 A and Vichien missed his draw. Ofir doubled up to about 2 million. Vichien was left with only ~220k.

Soon after, Vichien was all-in with pocket Jacks against Ofir Mor's Q9 off. The board came 6 6 4 K T and Vichien doubled up to about 500k.

Then Vichien was all-in against Lee Childs. Vichien held A4 and was ahead of Lee's KT off. An Ace on the flop was all Vichien needed to double up again. He's back over 1 million.

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