Monday, September 13, 2010

New Chipleader Emerges as Old Chipleader Disappears

Event 10: $350 + $50 Omaha Hi-Lo

The word of the day for the Omaha tournament is "volatility." No chip lead seems to be safe, with 25 players remaining and blinds at 3,000-6,000 and limits of 6,000-12,000. The field is nearing the money bubble, as the top 18 players will get paid.

Our previous chipleader was Marc Matz (Clarks Summit, PA) with 106,000, but he has since been eliminated. The new chipleader is Tom "Mark Em Down" Noyes, who has about 210,000 -- far ahead of everyone else, at least at the moment. Noyes has had that nickname since 1956, working in the automobile business and the real estate business. Noyes was always marking down prices, so he became known as "Mark Em Down." Nowadays, he lives up to his nickname by marking down his chip count at each level change, so he can track his progress. (You can see his marked-up level sheet in the photo below.)

Chipleader Tom "Mark Em Down" Noyes

Here are some updated chip counts. The average chip stack is about 68,500.

Tom Noyes - 209,000
Jon Bloch - 150,000
David Pacheco - 128,000
Doug Robins - 125,000
Kim Findura - 122,000
Al Annunziata - 91,500
Barry Levy - 67,000
Colin Maneval - 32,000
Chris Reslock - 28,000
Eric Saunders - 28,000
Lou Ercolano - 12,500
Papa Levy - 10,500

Jerry Callahan - Eliminated (for real this time)
Marc Matz - Eliminated

Eric Saunders is short with 28,000 in chips, but he says he's already been all in "like ten times," and he's been able to survive this far. Hopefully, he can survive a little further to at least reach the money.

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