Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Senior Chip Leader

Event 15: $300 + $50 Seniors No Limit Hold'em

Playing in Level 9, blinds 500/1,000 with 100 antes.

After the utg player limped, James 'suits' Salters (Lakeview, NY) raised to 1,550 (utg+1). Action folded back to the utg player, who called. The flop came 887 and James bet 5k. His opponent check-raised all-in for 11,700. After a little thought, James said "I'm behind, but I call".

Turns out he was ahead with AJ (Ace-high) against A5 (flush draw). Turn was the 3 and changed nothing, but the 5 on the river gave his opponent a second pair and the double-up. James was left short with only about 2k.

I passed by his table a few minutes later and Suits was back up to about 10k.

WSOP bracelet holder Andre Boyer (Acton Vale, QC, Canada) is in the field. Don't know how I missed him on earlier passes. He's only got about 5k which could mean trouble. He's already cashed twice during this series, finishing 5th ($6,453) in the Deep Stack Turbo and 20th in another No Limit Hold'em event.

Cyrus Samii

Chuck Derosa has stalled and has about the same amount of chips as he did earlier. Cyrus Samii (Cooperstown, NY) has taken the chip lead with about 70k.

11 tables remain with about 108 players.

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