Thursday, September 23, 2010

"No-Fear" Mor Makes Hero Call


Ofir Mor opened for 850k on the button and Kia Mohajeri called from the big blind.  The flop came A Q 4 rainbow.  Both players checked.

Turn was a Ten and Kia checked.  Ofir bet 600k.  Kia check raised another million on top.  Ofir called.

River was a 9 and Kia led out for 3 million.  Ofir tanked for quite a while, during which Dwyte Pilgrim got up from the table, chatted with his peeps on the rail, wandered around the audience shaking hands and bumping fists, and wandered back around to his chair.

Ofir "No-Fear" Mor

Eventually Ofir made the call.  Kia rolled over pocket 3s.  Ofir rolled over A8 for a pair of Aces to take the pot.  He chipped up to almost 14 million, taking the chip lead.  Kia was left with just under 6 million.

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