Thursday, September 16, 2010

Featured Table Breaks

Event 14: $1,500 + $150 No-Limit Hold'em

Since the dinner break the featured table is Table 14, but it just broke.

Table 14

Mike Beasley 80k
Nick Binger 46k
Matt Matros 21k
Maria Ho 120k
Jonas Wexler 105k
"Action" Bob Hwang 45k

Hwang moves all-in on Ho who tanks and folds before the floor manager hands out the racks and new seat cards.

Other players we're keeping an eye on include:


Kevin Calenzo 119k
Tyler Patterson 96k
Josh Brikis 87k
Alan Bari 79k
Olivia Busquet 76k
Gavin Smith 73k
Mike Leah 70k
Al Riccobono 62k
Gordon Eng 44k
Eric Siegel 35k
Joanne Monteavaro 32k
Christian Harder 30k
Steve Dannenmann 23k
Jesse Yaginuma 17k
Rob Nguyen 16k

With table 14 down, there's now 130 players left, as blinds are now 500/1k/200 ante.

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