Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pilgrim Takes the Chip Lead


On the turn, the board read Q 9 7 Q and Ben Klier checked it over to Daniel Makowsky, who bet 350k.  Ben then check-raised to 1.1 million.  Daniel surrendered.

Brandon Novena opened for 375k on the button and Dwyte Pilgrim raised to 1.1 million from the small blind.  Brandon surrendered and Dwyte collected the pot.  He showed a single card:  the 4 of spades.

Ofir Mor opened for 375k and Brandon Novena called from the cutoff.  On the flop of J J 6, Ofir checked, Brandon bet 475k, and Brandon called.  Turn was an 8 and both checked.  River was a 4 and again both checked.  Brandon showed an 8 for two pair to take the pot.

The Dwyte Pilgrim show continued when he called Ofir's 375k open.  On the flop of Q T 9 Ofir check-called Dwyte's 400k bet.  Turn was a 6 and again Ofir checked.  Dwyte bet 625k and after some thought, Ofir mucked.  Dwyte pulled the sizeable pot.

Kia Mohajeri limped and Dwyte checked his option.  The flop came K J 9 and Dwyte checked.  Kia checked behind.  Turn was a 4 and Dwyte checked.  Kia bet 375k and Dwyte called.  River was an 8 and Dwyte led out for 800k.  Kia folded.  Dwyte is up to 9 million and takes the chip lead.

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