Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pilgrim Trips Up


With blinds at 60k/120/10k ante, Jeff Papola from Praises to 250k, Kianoosh Mohajeri calls as does Dwyte Pilgrim from the BB.

The flop is 744 and Papola leads out for 375k. As Mohajeri debates making a call, Pilgrim puts chips into the pot and he may or may not realized he was acting out of turn.

Once the dealer confirms that Pilgrim can not reraise if Mohajeri simply calls, Mohajeri elects to fold and Pilgrim's chips are committed.

The turn is the A and both Papola and Pilgrim check.

The river is the 2, Pilgrim leads out for 450k and Papola quickly calls. Pilgrim shows 48 for trip 4s and Papola mucks.

Pilgrims takes down a 2.7 million chip pot and now has 6.4 million, while Papola drops to 2.9 mil.

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