Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playdown -- Bubble Burst -- In The Money!

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em

With 96 players remaining, there was a flurry of action during the last 15 minutes of the level. (Steve Dannanmann has busted out and resumed his seat over in event 2.)

Anthony Hill (Egg Harbor City, NJ) doubled through Emad Wahba (Parma, OH) when his pocket 8s held up against Emad's nut flush draw. Anthony chipped up to about half a million.

Mike Wilson (Manassas, VA) has grown his stack to about 1 million and may have overtaken Odette Claire Tremblay (N. Las Vegas, NV) for the chip lead.

Mitchell 'Mike' Wilson

Mirsad Kovaci (Allentown, PA) moved in and got looked up by Vijay Paharia (Pleasantville, NJ). Mirsad's KJ would need to improve to beat Vijay's pocket Queens. The flop brought Mirsad a King, but also delivered a third Queen for Vijay. When the case Queen hit the turn, Vijay took the pot with quads and Mirsad took the walk - 94th place.

Mike Leah (Las Vegas, NV) got all-in with AK against the AQ of Edmund McCarthy (Souderton, PA). The board ran dry and Mike doubled through. Edmund was left short and was soon all-in for his last 25k. He got called by both James Nilsen (Brooklyn, NY) and then Mike Leah moved all-in. James opted out. This time Mike held AQ and was leading Edmund's T7 off. The flop came 9 5 2 and changed nothing. Then a Ten hit the turn, giving Edmund a pair and the lead. It was not enough, however, as the ubiquitous Ace on the river gave Mike the bigger pair and the pot. Edmund departed in 92nd place.

As the floor called for play to halt in preparation for hand-for-hand bubble action, there were only three minutes left in the level. On the first hand, those minutes ran out as players waited for a hand to complete on table two. When it was over, another player had busted out and become today's bubble-boy.

With 90 players remaining, they are all now in the money and insured at least a min-cash. No more hand-for-hand play is needed. They put 3 minutes back on the clock and got back to business.

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