Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our dinner break chip leader

Event 5: $1000 + $90 NL

Steven Collins is all smiles after dinner

With 95 players remaining and heading to dinner break, we scanned the field for the chip leader when we happened upon Steven Collins being pushed a gigantic pot, and he excitedly reported how the hand went down.

An early position player opened to 4k at 500/1k blinds. Two other players called, as did Collins, when the big blind made it 12k more. All folded to Collins, who decided to push all in with his 55♣. The big blind, having him covered, made the instacall with A♠ A. When the board ran out JK 6 4 3, Collins rivered a flush to send him to dinner with a healthy stack of 124,700, good for the chip lead.

Collins is a newlywed, and he explained to us that he pushed all in figuring he'd either be out and would go have a nice dinner with his wife, or he'd win the pot and have extra financial motivation to justify getting a room for the night at Borgata. It looks like his reasoning paid off.

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