Saturday, September 11, 2010

PLO 5th - 3rd Places

Event 4: $350 + $50 PLO

Playing 6k/12 blinds.

Anthony Caruso's stack had been dwindling in size when he found himself faced with a 30k bet from Matt Delano. Anthony raised the pot and Matt announced he was all in. Anthony called all-in, showing AKK6. Matt was ahead with AA76. The board came 5 5 2 6 3 and changed nothing. Matt's Aces-up took the pot. Anthony finished 5th for $2,163. Not bad for his first ever Omaha tournament.

Matt opened for 30k and Jim Weaver called from the big blind. On the A K 8 rainbow flop, Jim checked and Matt fired 60k. Jim min-raised to 120k and Matt announced he was all-in (148K on top). Jim gave it some thought, said he felt like Matt had a set of Kings, and mucked his hand.

With that pot, Matt had 440k and the chip lead. Jim was left with about 200k.

Jim Weaver - 3rd place

Hamdy Abdalla - 4th place

Matt opened for 40k, then Hamdy Abdalla raised pot (which put him all-in for 136k). Jim then moved in for 243k. Matt had both players covered and had to think for a bit, but then decided to call. Here are their hands:

Jim AAQ8
Hamdy AA43
Matt JJT8

Jim and Hamdy both had pocket Aces. Then the board came T9944 and Matt made a diamond flush to scoop the pot. Hamdy finished in 4th place $2,780. Jim finished 3rd for $3,707.

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