Friday, September 10, 2010

PLO 9th - 6th Places

Event 4: $350 + $50 PLO

Dan Horam

Dan Horam busted in 10th place, becoming today's bubble-boy.

Matthew Stevens - 9th place

Richard DeVito - 8th place

On a flop of 732 three players were all-in. The last two cards were 3T and Jim Weaver had rivered the nut flush with his A654. Matthew Stevens finished in 9th place, earning $927 and Richard DeVito finished 8th for $1,236.

With that pot, Jim became the chip leader with over 300k in chips.

Steve Kotatis - 7th place

Steve Kotatis was all-in with AKT2 double-suited against Matt Delano, who held JJ87 double-suited. The board was 9 6 5 A 2 and Matt's flopped straight was good for the pot. Steve finished in 7th place, earning $1,545.

Brandon Vargas - 6th place

In a battle of the blinds, Daniel Wasserberg (small) bet enough on the river to cover Brandon Vargas (big). The board read A Q Q K 7. Brandon thought about it, but only had about 12k left, and eventually decided to toss his chips in holding K995 (two pair). Daniel held AQ82 for a set of Queens to win. Brandon finished in 6th place, earning $1,854.

The final five are taking a break before the next level.

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