Thursday, September 23, 2010

Position Poker


Three times in the last 10 hands Dwyte Pilgrim's been using his position on Brandon Novena to continually extract chips from the 24 year old.

The most recent comes on a board of K67 when Novena leads out for 1.1 million. Pilgrim quickly says all-in and Novena shakes his head.

After a few seconds, Pilgrim spills all his chips into the pot and Novena simply laughs and eventually folds. The crowd erupts as this is turning into a bit of a home arena for Pilgrim.

"That hurt. Even I felt it for the kid," says Pilgrim as he mucks the winner.

Pilgrim takes the chip lead with more than 14 million chips, while Novena continues to hemorrhage and is now the short stack with ~2.0 million.

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