Thursday, September 23, 2010

Premature Celebration


Just one hand after eliminating Brandon Novena, Dwyte Pilgrim's looking for consecutive knockouts when Ofir Mor moves all-in. The bets is 2.775 million and Pilgrim calls.

Pilgrim: J10
Mor: K8

When the flop comes J104, Pilgrim runs across the stage and celebrates with his cheering section. Once the crowd settles down, Pilgrim returns to the table and sees the 8 on the turn and now has a real sweat.

Mor has several river outs: any heart, an 8 for trips, or a king for a higher two pairs.

River: K

And with that Mor goes runner, runner for two pairs, kings and eights to stay alive with a double-up.

Mor, who now has 5.5 million chips, shows little emotion as he calmly walks over to his fans and gives out a couple of high fives.

Pilgrim takes the small hit in stride as his stack drops to 10 million. On the next hand, he starts talking to WPT announcer Mike Sexton, who's off stage.

"Make sure you don't make me look too bad," says Pilgrim. "With all the celebrating and stuff."

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