Friday, September 17, 2010

Recap for Event 15: $300 + $50 Seniors No Limit Hold'em

 Tom "Mark Em Down" Noyes, 1st Place

Whoever thought that seniors go to bed early was obviously not present for Event 15.  257 players signed up for today's $300 + $50 Seniors No Limit Hold'em tournament, and it was 13 hours before a final table was reached, and over 3 more hours to complete the final table.

Stan Weiss, who won WPT's Mirage Poker Showdown in 2006 for $1.4 million, was in attendance.  So was Adam Varrenti, 4th place finisher in the Seniors event during the Borgata Spring Open.  Both failed to make their way to the money.

Neither had it as rough as James Boyd, who won the Seniors event during the Spring Open for $18k.  Boyd was running strong with 50 players left, but was the bubble boy when his pocket queens were cracked by the pocket tens of Preston Fouke. That hand propelled Fouke to the final table, but he was eliminated in 9th place when he ran into two sets in a row.

Richard Pilchman from Brick, NJ is another player that has had success at the Borgata Poker Open, final tabling Event 10: $350 + $50 Omaha Hi-Lo.  Pilchman added another final table to his resume today, getting 7th place for $2,991 when his ace ten failed to hold up against Joe Gallinaro's king queen.  Closely on the heels of Pilchman's elimination, fellow Omaha final tablist Tom "Mark Em Down" Noyes (2nd place) eliminated Barry Noyes in 5th place.

That elimination happened at around 2:30am, but it wasn't until 4:30am when Tom "Mark Em Down" Noyes was crowned champion.  Like Pilchman, Noyes had final tabled the Omaha event, but Noyes received a 2nd place finish in that event.  Today, Noyes has bested his own performance with a 1st place finish, good for $20,940.

Noyes is an 82 year old poker player, and this is his first tournament win.  When being handed his trophy and payout slip, Noyes was more interested in combing his hair for his winners picture and was joking about needing a makeup girl.  With the money he has won today, he could afford to hire one for his final table pictures.

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