Monday, September 13, 2010

Recap for Event 9: $350 + $50 Deep Stack Turbo NL

Alex Kuchik, 1st Place

Not only was Event 9 the second Deep Stack Turbo of the Borgata Poker Open, but just like Event 2, players could re-enter twice after their initial buy-in. In all, there were 280 entries for this $350 + $50 buyin event.

"Will The Thrill" Failla and Tom Dobrilovic, who cashed in last night's Event 5 in second and sixth place, respectively, wasted no time in getting back to the tables. They both made it through the re-entry period but fell short of making the money. Other pros that did not make it to the cage include Dwyte Pilgrim and Mike Leah.

Italian Giuseppe Pantaleo found success in this tournament format, as he made his second final table appearance. Pataleo previously took 3rd place in Event 2, and he took 7th place today when his flopped set of threes was cracked by Wayne Temples' turned set of queens. Al Riccobono, who final tabled a Borgata Spring Poker Open tournament earlier this year, best Pantaleo by 1 spot, getting 6th place. After being short stacked for most of this final table, Pantaleo got the rest of his chips in with A3 and failed to suck out on Daniel Vranich's AK.

After a few more eliminations, it was a heated four handed battle between Alex Kuchik, Mike LaTour, Craig Rubenstein, and Wayne Temples. The four traded chips back and forth and each likely had the chip lead and the short stack at one time or another. Thanks to some solid poker playing and a few lucky pair-over-pair situations, Alex Kuchik finished victoriously.

Kuchik, a Brooklyn, NY resident who owns a toy shop, is a Borgata regular. While not a professional poker player, Kuchik has been playing poker "since Moneymaker," as he put it. Kuchik missed the final table yesterday in Event 5 when he got 13th place, but today he stands alone as a winner. This is his first tournament win, and at $26,616, is his first five figure win. After being declared the winner, Kuchik let out an excited roar that the entire Event Center could hear. He explained that he was really excited for the win.

While he plans to play the Championship Event this weekend, he's not sure what is next for him. "I told my friends that if I won a poker tournament that I'd be done with poker," Kuchik informs us, "but we'll see."

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