Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Recap of Event 12: $300 + $50 No-Limit Hold'em

Mike Sheldon, 1st place

While many eyes were focused on the $2k Heads Up tournament that started at 11am, the 12pm $300 + $50 No-Limit Hold'em tournament nearly matched the total buy-ins.  A healthy field of 374 players ponied up their buyin, attempting to be the player to win Event 12 and the $29,386 that comes along with it.

Tiffany Michelle made her first appearance at the Borgata Poker Open, but was unable to make anything happen and was out the door after a few hours of play.  Peter Capuano caught an early lead when his king queen cracked two opponents' pocket aces, but he was unable to parlay that big pot into a win.  Another player that had an early lead was Colin Maneval, who is coming off of two deep runs here at Borgata, finishing third in Event 3 on Saturday, and bubbling yesterday's Omaha Hi-Lo tournament.

After the third break, an unattended chip stack of 218k was verified to be the tournament chip leader.  After 15 minutes of being blinded off, Mike Sheldon from Dresher, PA returned to his seat.  We're not quite sure what cause Sheldon to return late from break, but whatever he was doing seemed to have worked.  His chip lead lasted all the way through dinner break.  Through he briefly relinquished the chip lead to Cuong Phong, who got 2nd place in Event 3, he regained it when the final table was set.  Sheldon was the lone player with over a million chips with 1.1M, while Phung was hot on his heels with 762k.  Meanwhile, the average stack was closer to 550k.

Within an hour of reaching the final table, five players had been eliminated.  Five handed, action slowed down.  There had been a lot of preflop shoving, but not so much calling.  JT Davis crippled Phung when Davis' pocket aces dodged Phung's pocket nines, and Phung exited shortly thereafter in 5th place.  After Andrew Gilano (Bronx, NY) bowed out in 4th place, Dan Couzens (Hartford, CT) began to make his moves to take over the chip lead from Sheldon.  Unfortunately for Couzens, his chips ended up going back to Sheldon's stack, who ended up taking the rest of them when his ace jack bested Couzens' pocket tens.

Davis admitted that he felt as if Couzens was outplaying both of them when three handed, so he breathed a sigh of relief when it was Sheldon he needed to face in a heads up battle.  It didn't take long though before Davis found himself all in with ace three against the superior ace queen of Sheldon.  No three fell, and Davis headed to the rail in 2nd place, good for $16,326.

For his win, Sheldon will pocket $29,386.  He wasn't awarded the trophy until after his winning picture was taken, but he said he wasn't worried as he planned to win another one.  Sheldon says he plays a lot of tournaments, so he is sure to be back in action soon at the Borgata Poker Open.

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