Thursday, September 16, 2010

Senior Moment

Event 15: $300 + $50 Seniors No Limit Hold'em

As I went by table 1, James 'suits' Salters was back up to 13k.

Adam Varrenti (Westchester, PA) got his last chips in holding A4, only to run into pocket 9s. The board ran out Q 7 4 5 T and Adam was busted. Adam finished 4th in the Spring Open Seniors event here, but won't be repeating that performance today.

Nancy Martin is also out. As I passed back by table 1, James 'suits' Salters' seat was empty, so he's apparently busted out also.

Ed 'Snake' Franklin

Ed 'Snake' Franklin (New Canaan, CT) is the new chip leader with ~143k.

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