Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seniors Back From Break

Event 15: $300 + $50 Seniors No Limit Hold'em

The Seniors are just returning from their second break of the day. Now playing in Level 7 with blinds of 300/600 and 75 antes.

Chuck Derosa

Looks like Chuck Derosa (Verona, NJ) is the chip leader with about 47k.

Down to 17 tables now and the board says 167 players remain.

Torpekay "Torpedo" Habashzada (Broomall, PA) who won the $500 Deep Stack No Limit tournament during the Summer Open has already busted out of this event. Torpekay earned her nickname during that event as she torpedoed her opponents all the way to the win. She's also the significant other of poker pro Sirous Jamshidi, which must be where she gets her poker acumen.

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