Friday, September 10, 2010

Slow But Steady

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

Matt Stout

Compared to yesterday's Deep Stack Turbo event, today's No Limit event seems very sedate. There is no flurry of all-ins and bust-outs. As a matter of fact, I had to rouse Matt Stout from his online-chess-playing stupor to get his picture. Matt better pay attention to the player in the 8 seat at his table: Giuseppe Pantaleo is a freshly-minted poker-pro from West Germany who finished third in yesterday's Deep Stack Turbo.

WSOP bracelet holder Andre Boyer took 5th in yesterday's Turbo and he's back at it again today. His table broke and he landed at table 14 with WSOP bracelet holder Jason Young. I can't swear to it, but I believe they are the only two bracelet holders in this event and they happen to be at the same table. Also sharing that piece of green felt is Chris Bonita, who finished 10th yesterday.

Alex Rivera

Alex Rivera finished 5th in this event last year and refers to himself as "last year's donk". Apparently after his opening bet of 9,900, a player shoved 180k on him and he snap-called with AJ. He managed to crack his opponent's pocket Kings by flopping an Ace. He's another one to watch out for. He was the chip leader at the end of day one yesterday and proved he can do some damage if he can gather some chips.

Alex is sharing a table with Travell Thomas, who just wanted me to take his picture, so here you go:

Travell Thomas

Joanne Monteavaro has been dispatched. She got her chips in good holding pocket Aces against pocket 6s, but a 6 on the river delivered the bad beat and Joanne reported to the rail (or perhaps the registration desk to enter the 4pm Survivor event).

Tom Dobrilovic has also busted out. He's now 0-for-3 at the BPO.

He's in good company, however. They're down to 21 tables now, which means 210 or fewer players remain. Average stack is about 21k.

Jason Young came over to report his bust-out. On a flop of K 8 7 he got all-in holding 87 (2 pair) against a player holding pocket Queens. A King on the river counterfeited him and ended his run today. "Now we're boozin'" he says.

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