Friday, September 10, 2010

"This Has Been The Craziest Table All Day"

Event 3: $500 + $60 No Limit

If you've been watching this year's WSOP coverage on TV, you may have noticed James Boyle, the lighthouse keeper from Havre de Grace, Maryland. He is seated at Table 6, and he says, "This has been the craziest table all day."

After a flop of Q 5 3, Boyle (small blind) was all in with Q 9 (pair of queens) against the big blind's A 4 (gutshot straight-flush draw with an overcard). The turn was the Q, and upon seeing his opponent's flush, Boyle started packing up to leave. But the river card was the 9, and a few players at the table gasped at the reverse. Boyle was so concerned with the flush, that he didn't notice that he had caught a runner-runner full house to double up.

Boyle's opponent (we'll call him Player X) was knocked down to ~18k, but he quickly doubled up the next hand with K 5 against Eugene Kleyman's Q 10 in the battle of the blinds. (A king on the flop was all it took.) The next hand, Player X moved all in from the button to win the blinds and antes. Player X now had about 44k, and was on his way to making a strong comeback.

Crazy Table 6: James Boyle (left, in blue) and Eugene Kleyman (wearing a sweatshirt in seat 8)

The next hand, Player X raised from the cutoff to 5,200, and Eugene Kleyman reraised from the button to 25,200. Player X moved all in with A Q, and Kleyman called with 4 4. If Player X could win this race, it would represent an incredible comeback and give him about 45 bb.

But the board came 9 8 3 9 J, and Kleyman won the pot with his pocket fours. Player X was eliminated, which is why I didn't get his name as he snuck out of the room.

The blinds have increased to 1,200/2,400/300 ante, and Table 6 broke shortly after these hands played out. The field is currently down to five tables.

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