Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two to the Money


With 103 players remaining (100 get paid) there was a 3-way all-in between Will 'Monkey' Souther, Ali Eslami, and defending champion Olivier Busquet. Will was the shortest stack all-in pre-flop. Ali was the second-shortest stack and he was all-in except for one 500 chip he left on his cards. Olivier had them both covered.

Will 'Monkey' Souther

On the flop of T 4 2, Ali tossed his last chip in, Olivier called, and the rolled over the hands. Will was ahead with pocket Kings. Ali held pocket queens, and Olivier held AK offsuit. The last two cards changed nothing and Will tripled up, Ali doubled collecting the side pot, and Olivier had to pay off everyone, but was still left with ~500k.

Down to 102 players and they began hand-for-hand play with two to go to the money.

Giuseppe Pantaleo

Giuseppe Pantaleo's mountain of chips is approaching 1 million. He's definitely the chip leader at this point.

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