Thursday, September 16, 2010

Will "The Thrill" Failla eliminated

Event 14: $1,500 + $150 No-Limit Hold'em 

Will "The Thrill" Failla was all in preflop for roughly 13k holding KK against Jonas Wexler's AQ.  Failla asked for a king on the flop, but the poker gods frowned upon the greedy request and instead the flop came down 6AQ.  When the turn came the 4, Failla began rooting for a club as well as a king.  The river 2 hit, however, and Failla was eliminated.  As he was walking away from the table, he playfully taunted Wexler, saying, "I bet you don't make the dinner break."  Failla dropped the ribbing, however, when Jonas responded, smiling, "How much?"

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