Sunday, September 19, 2010

Event 18 Money Time

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

The bubble breaks and the final 18 players are now in the money as they play for the first place prize of $27,354.

Entrants 188
Total Buy-in: $94,000

Place - Amount

1 $27,354
2 $15,045
3 $8,662
4 $7,294
5 $5,471
6 $4,559
7 $3,647
8 $2735
9 $2,052
10-12 $1,824
13-15 $1,596
16-18 $1,367

Day 1B Select Chip Counts


With ten minutes left on the clock, it was announced that five more hands would be played.  We were able to collect select chip counts and had rough estimates for a few others.  Approximately 450 players remain, and they will combine with the 193 players from Day 1A tomorrow at 11am.  The average chip count is roughly 50k.  Vincenzo Abate surged at the end of the night thanks to a set of jacks fading a straight and a flush draw, and he is the Day 1B chip leader (and overall Day 1 leader).

Vincenzo Abate - 201,450
Jacobo Fernandez - 145,100
DJ Whorley - 137,500
April Cromie - 125,300
Puan Tong - 120,400
Bernard Lee - 120,025
Kyle Loman - 119,975
Patrick Hartnett - 117,275
Lisa Hamilton - 115,575
Mike "Little Man" Sica - 112,175
Anthony Caruso - 106,275
Ben Klier - 105,600
Fabrizio Sarra - 104,700
John Mpenehoutsos - 102,575
Blake Purvis - 101,450
Andrew Song - 100,350
Matthew Chang - 100,175
Daniel Makowsky - 96,025
"Mad Dog" Mike Shasho - 95,050
Keith Crowder - 94,225
Chris Bell - 93,750
John D'Agostino - 92,800
Eric Buchman - 76,700
Paul Regan - 74,500
Lee Childs - 73,200
Alex Kuchik - 70,300
Steve Dannenmann - 67,725
Tuan Gbehan - 67,050
Ylon Schwartz - 54,900
Dwyte Pilgrim - 51,600
Payman Arjang - 46,475
Ian Palomo - 45,700
Jonathan Little - 43,500
Gavin Smith - 43,150
"Hollywood" Dave Stann - 40,350
Jerry Yang - 38,800
Nancy Todd Tyner - 37,300
Tony "Bagels" Cavezza - 36,800
Christian Harder - 36,600
Chris Bonita - 34,200
Joey Brooks - 32,450
Mike LaTour - 31,900
Scott Diamond - 30,450
Adam Lippert - 25,175
Josh Brikis - 23,225
William Reynolds - 21,575
Jessica Desantis - 14,000
Beth Shak - 12,800
Rob Nguyen - 11,350

Charder Controversy


In the last few days of play, we caught up with some controversy on Christian Harder's table.  On the flop, with the board reading 67A, apparently Harder had made a bet of 3,125 (which possibly was a check raise).  His opponent attempted to make the call, throwing in a 5k chip along with a 100 chip and a 25 chip.  A floor was called, and this was ruled to not be a call but a minraise, so Harder's oppenent was forced to put in 6,250.  Harder then moved all in, frustrating his opponent, who folded and had some choice words for Harder.  Harder flashed him pocket sevens and said he was drawing dead.

Barbieri Is A Little Frustrated


We caught up with Al "Sugarbear" Barbieri, who's been quiet for most of the day.  As he told us earlier, "Day 1 doesn't matter" in the grand scheme of things.  He had his stack up to 80k, but lost a hand when he check raised all in with JJ on a KJ79 board and was called by T8.  The board failed to pair on the river, and he lost about 30k from his stack to end the night around 50k.

Event 18: Mount Versluis

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

David Versluis

Coming back from the dinner break David Versluis (Tiel, Netherlands) is the chip leader as he's the only stack over 200k.

Versluis is in the United States for a three year stretch working for a New York City media company. "It's close and I don't play in a lot of tournaments," says the software engineer. "I figured the WPT is here, so why not."

Versluis says he hit a big hand when his turned flush knocked out a flopped set.

Mike Dentale Eliminated Without Cards


Mike Dentale (right) gets upset

Over on table 22, seat 3 raised preflop and Mike Dentale pushed all in.  The 9 seat called from the blinds, as did the 3 seat.  When the flop fell 427, Dentale stood up and said, "Have a nice day," implying that his elimination was imminent.  The dealer had thought he had conceded the pot, and his hand was killed.  Dentale did not notice this fact.

Both live players checked, and they saw the A fall on the turn.  At this point, someone pointed out to Dentale that he didn't have cards, and he called for a floorman for a decision.  As a decision was being made, many players came over to see what the commotion was, including Christian Harder and Chalie Hook (as seen in the photo above).  Unfortunately, since Dentale had not protected his own hand, there was no recourse and Dentale would be eliminated from the tournament.

As the hand played out, the 9 seat bet 2,500 and the 3 seat folded.  Dentale had claimed that he had held ace ten, and the 9 seat told him that he held ace queen.  Dentale seemed to appreciate being told this as his hand was not a winner.

Event 18: Dinner Break

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

36 players remain in the 12 pm tournament (27 cash) as they're on a one hour dinner break.

Here's a look at the top 3 stacks:

David Versluis (Tiel, Netherlands) 207k
John Kurz (Philadelphia, PA) 196k
Roslyn Quarto (Edison, NJ) 169k

Chip Counts at Dinner Break


Here are updated chip counts as the players return from their 75 minute dinner break.  There are now six players above the 100k mark:

DJ Whorley - 120,850
Vincenzo Abate - 120,350
Marc Lome - 117,625
Lisa Hamilton - 113,100
Jerry Maher - 108,800
Darren Elias - 102,400
Jeremy Schwartz - 90,625
Keith Crowder - 81,000
Mike "Little Man" Sica - 77,000
Chris Bolt - 75,000
Jason Deutsch - 68,000
John D'Agostino - 67,300
Nick Frangos - 67,025
Chris Bell - 67,000
Al Barbieri - 62,800
Bernard Lee - 60,500
Joseph Ressler - 60,000
Doug Kim - 58,425
Joe Simmons - 56,300
Lee Childs - 53,100
Jacobo Fernandez - 49,775
Matt Glantz - 47,500
Gordon Eng - 46,600
Nancy Todd Tyner - 42,925
William Reynolds - 42,000
Dwyte Pilgrim - 40,350
Adam Lippert - 38,525
Jesse Yaginuma - 38,000
Lee Markholt - 35,750
Josh Brikis - 34,075
Christian Harder - 30,400
Scott Diamond - 28,125
Steve Dannenmann - 28,000
Ylon Schwartz - 26,675
Robert Varkonyi - 26,050
Gavin Smith - 25,650
"Hollywood" Dave Stann - 25,350
Jonathan Little - 23,975
Kathy Liebert - 22,000
"Action" Bob Hwang - 21,475
Paul Dlugozima - 20,250
Jerry Yang - 16,550
Doug "Rico" Carli - 16,000
Jeremy McLaughlin - 12,800
Beth Shak - 7,575
Mike Dentale - 4,700
Tyler Patterson - eliminated

It's a Social Game


Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have taken poker reporting to a new level. Many players, from the top pros to the average Joes, are posting updates in cyberspace to their followers, including the poker media.

While witnessing action first hand is the preferred method of collecting the information, reporters and bloggers often rely on players to relay the action which, often times, is a few hands after the fact.

We now have access to a new dimension of information that allows us to provide different details from a different perspective.

******** Recent posts (as they appear on the World Wide Web)

Josh Brikis: Lost a bunch of pots then got max value on same guy from before. 10 min til dinner.29.5k (via Facebook & Twitter)

Dwyte Pilgrim: Just got 2 outered ,aA

Guy hits a 2 outer on the river and ask what do I have. I said A 10,, had KK. Rough, would've had 60 ,, but got 30. (Facebook)

Christian Harder: Hero called almost my whole stack away and was right over 30k (Twitter)


The Borgata blog team is actively following Twitter and will update chips counts as we continue to pan for gold. If players add @BorgataPoker to their tweets, we'll add them to our daily coverage.

Our newest cub reporters are a benefit to everyone in the poker industry as more information is released to more people, more often.

Stand-by for more traditional updates as Kaelaine & veeRob are out scouring the empty tables for chip counts while players are on dinner break.

James Woods Has Been Eliminated


James Woods

James Woods was short stacked with 4,575 when he had to post the big blind of 300.  Jerry Yang called the big blind, and then another player raised to 1,500.  Action folded to Woods, who contemplated his decision before deciding to put the last of his chips in.  Yang made the call, as did the other player.

The flop came 5T9, and both live players checked.  When the 5 hit the turn, Yang checked and his opponent bet 10k.  Yang elected to fold him, and Woods said, "Nice hand" as he turned over 66.  His read was correct as his opponent held K9.  When the river fell A, Woods was eliminated.

A bit earlier, Woods had thought he was eliminated and had to be called back to the table when he still had chips left.  This time his chips are gone for good.

Hard Times for Harder


Christian Harder

After the player in seat 1 limped (hijack) Christian Harder raised to 2,100 from the button. Seat 1 called and the flop came 4 2 2. Both players checked. Turn was another 4, double-pairing the board. Both checked again. River was a King and seat 1 led out for 2,500. Harder took a few seconds, then let it go. He's down to 16k.

Eric Doerr

On a flop of A 3 2 seat 6 bet 2,900 and Eric 'clown fish' Doerr raised 5k on top. His opponent called to see the turn: 4. Both players checked. River was the 9 and again both checked. And both showed AK offsuit to chop the pot (Eric's opponent had the A.)

Kevin Calenzo is Eliminated


Kevin Calenzo in happier times

Kevin Calenzo, winner of Event 5, was seen walking out the door of the Events Center. Calenzo told us he didn't win a hand early on, and ended up busting with pocket nines against AQ.

Kings vs. Aces Happens A Lot!


Josh Brikis

Josh Brikis just stopped by to let us know he was on the unfortunate end of kings vs. aces.  That seems to be the setup of the day as Chris Tryba recently tweeted that the same thing happened to him.  Chris Bolt was also active on Twitter, though he claimed that he folded kings to a 4-bet.  And much earlier, Andy Frankenberger was eliminated with his kings vs. aces.

The rest of the field is now playing 150/300 blinds with a 25 ante.

Hirsch Chips Up


Yakov Hirsch and Gavin Smith

Yakov Hirsch (Brooklyn, NY) opened for 600, Gavin Smith called, Lee Markholt called, then the player in seat 5 three-bet to 3,075. Michael Sukonik kicked it on up to 6,200 straight.

The button and blinds got out of the way and Hirsch five-bet for 20,600. Smith and Markholt got out of the pot and seat 5 called all-in. Sukonik also surrendered.

Hirsch held AK suited and was dominating his opponent's A4 off. The board came A J 8 6 Q and Hirsch took the pot, sending his opponent to the rail.

Prizepool & payouts


1st: $733,802
2nd: $440,945
3rd: $266,835
4th: $223,475
5th: $183,449
6th: $148,427
7th: $118,408
8th: $90,057
9th: $61,706
10th-12th: $40,025
13th-15th: $28,351
16th-18th: $18,345
19th-27th: $15,009
28th-36th: $13,008
37th-45th: $11,674
46th-54th: $10,340
55th-63rd: $9,339
64th-72nd: $8,339
73rd-81st: $7,672
82nd-90th: $7,004
91st-100th: $6,671

Event 18: Payouts

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

Entrants 188
Total Buy-in: $94,000

Place - Amount

1 $27,354
2 $15,045
3 $8,662
4 $7,294
5 $5,471
6 $4,559
7 $3,647
8 $2735
9 $2,052
10-12 $1,824
13-15 $1,596
16-18 $1,367

Chip Counts at Second Break


Keith Crowder

Players have just returned from a ten minute break and are now playing 100/200 blinds with a 25 ante. Here are select chip counts from break:

Keith Crowder - 79,950
Jeremy Schwartz - 79,900
Stan Sinclair - 77,000
Jerry Maher - 75,000
Alex Kuchik - 75,000
Nick Frangos - 73,700
Mike Beasley- 70,000
Robert Infanszon - 70,000
Jeremy McLaughlin - 64,000
Chris Bell - 62,225
Ylon Schwartz - 55,000
Jacobo Fernandez - 52,700
Mike "Little Man" Sica - 51,600
Chris Bolt - 51,000
Joseph Ressler - 50,000
Doug Kim - 48,075
Dwyte Pilgrim - 44,650
"Hollywood" Dave Stann - 39,400
Gordon Eng - 39,100
Lee Childs - 38,000
Joe Brooks - 37,000
Josh Brikis - 37,000
Jason Deutsch - 35,000
Jonathan Little - 34,175
Joe Simmons - 34,075
Jerry Yang - 31,300
Robert Varkonyi - 30,975
Danny Yousefzadeh - 30,000
John D'Agostino - 27,375 (showed up in time to play two hands so far)
Paul Dlugozima - 26,900
"Action" Bob Hwang - 26,300
Gavin Smith - 26,175 
Bernard Lee - 25,725
Christian Harder - 22,300
Lee Markholt - 21,050
Matt Glantz - 19,675
Steve Dannenmann - 15,000
Chris Tryba - 14,500
Doug "Rico" Carli - 14,000
Jonas Mackoff - 13,000
Tyler Patterson - 7,200

Event 18: Championship Envy

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

Quarto Close to the Championship Event

After playing until 2 am Sunday morning, Roslyn Quarto (Edison, NJ) is back at the poker table, but unfortunately she's playing in the 12 pm tournament, not the Championship Event.

"I have main event envy," says Quarto, who's late night poker was in a satellite Championship Event Qualifier. The noon tournament is set up at the front of the Event Center and the only thing separating Quarto from being in the Championship Event is a thin, black divider and a few bad breaks.

"I played well yesterday" she says, while missing her seat into the featured tournament by 6 people, when her pocket aces were cracked by king-six. "But you can't decide when you're going to run well and when you're going to be lucky. Today it's luck and I'll take it."

In this noon tournament, Quarto was down to just 6k in chips before doubling her stack. "I told my friends that I was going to be out (eliminated) in time to watch the Jets game, but I'm still here."

Quarto now has 25k in chips as she continues to dig out of the hole.

Early Chip Leaders


Jerry Maher

Jerry Maher (Warren, NJ) is up to 85k and possibly the chip leader. Impossible to know for sure in a field this size, but should be close.

Jeremy Schwartz (New York, NY) was up to 80k last time I was on his side of the room.

John D'Agostino's empty chair and depleted stack

John D'Agostino is registered for this event, but has not yet appeared his chair has remained empty and his blinds are being posted.

It's Not a Chop!


James Woods

At 100/200 blinds, UTG made it 500 and was called by UTG+1.  Action folded to James Woods in late position, who also called.  The flop came K4T, and all three players checked.  When the T hit the turn, action checked to Woods who bet 1k and was called in two spots.  Woods then exclaimed, "I knew I was being trapped!"  The K then hit the river, and all three players checked again.

"Two pair with an ace kicker," Woods declared, without turning his hand over yet.  The UTG player then tabled AQ, which was also two pair with an ace kicker.  The third player turned over AT for tens full of kings, which would be good to win the pot if Woods' hand was declared correctly.  However, the dealer and the entire table missed the fact that this player had a ten and thought it was a three way chop, especially when Woods asked if he had to show both cards or just the ace.

The dealer started chopping the pot, and nobody said a thing until Jerry Yang pointed out the mistake.  Yang asked the player if he had a ten, and instantly the rest of the table and the dealer realized the mistake and shipped the pot his way.

Regular Rounders


Here's a list of some locals, Borgata regulars, and east coast rounders I spotted in today's field, in no particular order:

Mike Devinsky
Joanne Monteavaro
Jessica Desantis
Gordon Eng
Keith Crowder
Nancy Martin
Eric Bankoff
Dale Pinchot
Nick Frangos
Eric Siegel
Carl Restifo
Torpekay Habashzada
Antonio 'Bagels' Cavezza
Alan Colon
Michael Hallen
Luke Tsevdos
Herbie Montalbano
Dan Spirer
Cyrus Samii
Anthony Caruso
Mike Dentale
Al 'Sugar Bear' Barbieri
Benedetto Bianco
Carless 'Joe' Boatwright
Igor Borukhov
James Boyle
John Lakatosh
Joe Brooks
Eric Buchman
Eugene Castro
Mike Castaldo
Eugene Castro
Steven Cho
Avdo Djokovic
Eric 'clown fish' Doerr
Adam Gerber
Michael Sukonik
John Moore
Charles Furey
Tyng Low
Rick Rossetti
Ian Palomo
Chris Lindh
Robert Nguyen
'Lucky' Lee Kirsch
Barry Leventhal
Alex Kuchik

John Lakatosh & James Boyle

Event 18: Second Chance

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

Borrero Back in Action

As Day 1B of the Championship Event continues, those who busted on Day 1A are taking advantage of playing in another main event. Miguel Borrero (Jersey City, NJ), who finished 5th in the Borgata East Coast Championship in April, is one of several players in the 12 pm event, who fit the description.

"I busted yesterday (Saturday)," says Borrero, "I had monster hands but couldn't hit any flops. I figured I'm still here (at Borgata), play this and take it down."

The field is currently a strong 180+ players as registration closed after level 2. We're waiting for the official number from the cage, but it looks like 18 place will be paid with the top prize in the neighborhood of $27,000.

Late Registrants


I went over to verify Mike "Little Man" Sica's chip count and after he lost a small pot in a battle of the blinds, he counted for me and sure enough, he has 52k. Verified. Hell has not frozen over. Put your parkas away.

Johnny Promo

Johnny Promo is sitting on Mike's left and wanted me to let his followers know he's got 33k.

David Fox

In the back of the room, there is a 'late registration' table that features Adam Lippert, David Fox, and Steve Dannenmann. I caught the end of a hand where the board read T 7 5 7 A and Fox checked it to his opponent in seat 5, who fired 6,500. After a bit of thought, Fox called. His opponent showed 97 suited for trip 7s and Fox mucked. He's got less than 8k left.

Blake Purvis and Frank Vizza

At the next table over, also a table of late registrants, are Tuan Gbehan, Blake Purvis, and Frank Vizza.

Break Time


The second level has ended and players are taking 15 while they finish up registrations and collect the signed WPT waivers.

WPT is reporting that Legends of Poker Main Event winner Andy Frankenberger ran pocket King into pocket Aces and has busted out.

Mike "Little Man" Sica

Of course they are also reporting that Mike "Little Man" Sica is the chip leader with 52k and Robert Varkonyi is second with 50k, so hell has, apparently, frozen over. (LOL, we love you Mike.)

Mike Sexton (who played during day 1A) has just announced that this is officially the record largest WPT event by number of entries. We still don't have the final, official numbers.

Following the break, level 3 will feature blinds of 75/150.

Event 18: In the Field

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

The noon tournament is underway and we see some recognizable faces in the field, including Michael Woll (Manahawkin, NJ) who has multiple Borgata cashes, including a second place finish in the 6-max tournament during the Borgata Summer Open.

Notable Players

Miguel Borrero
Jamie Kerstetter
Abraham Korotki
Peter Mavro
Scott Strubel
Michael Woll

Total Field Over 1,000


Wow that took a long time! one pass through today's field took about an hour. Easily twice the size of the field on day 1B.

Of course I also hit on some interesting stories.

Kathy Liebert arrived, sat down, played two hands, lost 10k of her 30k starting stack, got up, and walked out. I guess that's better that tilting off the other 20k. Hopefully she'll walk it off and get back in the game.

Over on table 38, the dealer burned and put a 3 up on the river, which paired the board. However, the action was not yet complete, so the 3 was shuffled back into the deck. Action was completed, then dealer put up the river card: the same 3. It just so happened that Neil Webber (Austin, TX) held pocket 3s and made quads, twice in one hand!

"Hollywood" Dave Stann and Nancy Todd Tyner

"Hollywood" Dave Stann arrvied and took his seat next to Nancy Todd Tyner -- there's an odd couple for you. Dave says he's going to win this event, so you heard it here first!

Ethan Ruby and Jeremy Schwartz

A much less odd couple, Ethan Ruby and Jeremy Schwartz of are also both playing today. Their organization's charity events benefit numerous non-profit charities.

It has been announced that the total field is over 1,000 and has surpassed the size of last year's event. Registration is open through the end of level 2, so the number is still growing.

Event 18: Another Main Event

$500 + $60 No Limit Hold'em

While most players would prefer playing in the Championship Event, there are other Borgata options if their not in the Day 1B field. Sunday's other "Main Event" is underway as players are filling their seats in the front of the Event Center.

This is a one day tournament, players start with 15,000 chips, levels are 30 minutes long and blinds start at 25/50.

Shuffle up and deal!

Day 1B Underway


Players are still filing into the Event Center and a few are still standing in line to registers. They got cards in the air just a few minutes ago and the rifling of chips is reaching a crescendo.

Players began with 30,000 chips and blinds of 25/50. Levels are 75 minutes long.

Quite a few well-known players in the field today. I'll be dropping names throughout the day.